When we talk about a home we often know what kind of problems we will face: Organization and Cleaning are two points that cause the most work on a day to day basis. Many of us have to keep track of things on paper so we don’t forget what we need, while others prefer to keep these things in mind. (God bless those with a perfect memory!). But many times we know it is impossible to remember everything with the daily tasks required. One of the most difficult parts is to list all expenses we have (This includes the extras that come up) to help us remember everything! Here is a better way. Create a step by step process on your computer. It only takes a few moments of creativity and a printer!

1) In an Excel sheet, start by writing the days of the week.


2) Separate the first column doubling the size so you have some space to write. And remember to leave an empty column (The first one) for the schedule. (We will discuss it further in just a moment…)


3) Write the hours any way you like. You may prefer an hour by hour basis, or you may prefer half.



4) It is now time to change the font and size of the letters:


5) Make it fun! Add a phrase, more colors, different fonts…whatever comes to mind.


6) Finish personalizing your organization page and print. (You can also print on adhesive paper and to download this version click here… if you wish to do your own go right ahead! Don’t be afraid. There are thousands of ways and colors to organize your days in the best possible way!




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