Don’t you think many words or situations are a bit odd in the English tongue?  Don’t you feel some familiarity with certain terms? This situation occurs with many immigrant children. Why? Because in the home a certain language is spoken, while outside another language is heard… let us see what we can discover, and if you are able to identify certain words or terms.

DAD? MOM?  Nothing like that!  It sounds much better, even warmer and more familiar to say mamá and papa.  Unless you were raised a different way?

When you are with your partner there is nothing sweeter than to say ‘te amo.’  It sounds more genuine in our language than a simple ‘I love you,’ which can sound hollow like a cheap film instead of from the heart.

Nothing has more passion or ‘guts’ than a Latino watching a soccer game, or immersed in their favorite sport.  Possessed and transformed, we are full of thrills and energy, with friends chattering away all at once.  No one respects anything until the moment comes when a ‘gool’ is heard.  Then it does not matter who or what you are.  Hand in hand you hold on to everyone as though you were the longest and greatest of friends! Isn’t that what we are? Or am I wrong?

This one is not too good for Latinos:  Many times we confuse words pretending to know the other language well, but this is nothing more than…pure improvisation.

There is nothing better that the scripts and characters of Latin American soap operas.  Shows from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico win the greatest fake prizes for both drama and tears.

Nothing is better than our food or more flavorful.  And Latin taste and aromas cannot be changed for anything less.  We don’t mean to say that other food is horrible….but there is nothing like our own, so I’m sorry for the rest!

Ayy and last but not least, our celebrations, parties and beliefs.  We look for any reason to celebrate any occasion, our families get together frequently and our beliefs seem to unite an entire village when the time comes.

For this and other reasons, we are proud to be called Latinos and stick to our roots.  Remember the advice you receive from a love one, a story or a relative who gives you any interesting details about your grandparents.  All of which form part of our culture and history.  Little by little this great wealth of ancestry is transmitted from generation to generation, until it becomes who we are today.  Proud to be Latin American!

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