Buying a cute gift for dad or making him something nice with our own two hands is a great thing, but it is also nice to spend time and do different activities with him. And what could be better than taking advantage of something he loves to do on his day! Even though it is a date on the calendar, it is really worth it to take the time and use that day to be close to our dad and our family. And it is never hurts to show our love and affection and thank him for how much he has given us in life. This will help us to keep those special and important conversations going, which we may tend to avoid.

Remember: The best gift you can give your dad is to spend time with him, listen to his stories and anecdotes or past events, his concerns and everything he has to tell us. We can also just spend time with him, without saying a word. For many of us, and no matter how much bigger or older our dads get, he is an invaluable gift!

If you would like some fun activities to do with your dad, here are some neat ideas you may enjoy:

1- Do sports with dad: This can be soccer (football), baseball, golf or basketball, even miniature golf! The idea is to have tons of fun and let dad enjoy his day doing what he likes best. You can even organize a family game or tournament with prizes and everything!

2- Go to the movies with dad!

For movie lovers, especially those that enjoy action flicks, here are three fun movies with lots of action to keep dad well entertained.

San Andreas (PG-13) – Actors: Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino

107 minutes. For those who love natural disaster movies! It is also in 3D!

Mad Max: Fury Road (R) – Actors: Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy

120 minutes. Violent and with tons of action, it is worth watching this remake of the popular film of 1979!

Avengers: Age of Ultron (PG-13) Actors: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans

141 minutes. A Superhero bash with over the top special effects!

3- Dine out with dad! At YaSabe, you will find the best restaurants to take dad out for a nice lunch or dinner and celebrate his day with his favorite meal!

4- Cocinar con papá!

If your dad loves to cook, either as a chef connoisseur or a total disaster, let him enjoy his moment and cook with him. You can prepare a nice, tasty roast or knead pizzas to share with the whole family!

5- Go to the bar or bowling with dad! You may choose to share a nice drink or beer at a nice bar watching sports or sharing stories of the past! You can even organize a bowling game with friends and family!

6- Go fishing with dad! This is a great excuse to spend time together and get caught up on the latest events! And at the same time, you can catch and prepare lunch together!

7- Tribute.

If your dad is no longer with you, it does not mean you cannot remember him in your mind and heart! If you are religious, celebrating a mass to honor his memory may be more appropriate. If not, you can watch videos or family pictures to remember the good times you spent together!

I hope you like these ideas! And you, what are you planning to do with dad on his day?