A few days ago, I gave you some tips and ideas on how your makeup can be a true work of art in addition to making your job easier! If you liked it or found the ideas useful, my new tips will fascinate you!

Applying makeup is not always simple. As noted previously, there are three fundamental factors: Clean and moisturized skin, good products and tidiness!  If you follow these three factors, the only thing missing is choosing the right tones for your skin and combining them! Remember: The more natural you look, the better it will be!

Here are some more tricks to get you started!

  • To set a better makeup base, use a brush to apply translucent or airy light powder.

  • To achieve more defined lines with your eyeliner pencil try the following: Heat the tip of the pencil with a lighter. Let cool for a few moments (Test it on the back of your hand) and ready! You will have a gel like pencil, which is perfect to soften the look of your eyes!

  • Your eye concealer should be one tone below your base. I recommend a blend of yellows and peaches!

  • If you want to highlight the shadow of your eyes to make them appear brighter, apply a layer of white eyeliner to your eyelid before you add eye shadow. This white base will intensify any eyeshadow you use!

  • If you use lip liner, it should be the same color lipstick you apply. You can also use transparent lip liners. (I have one and it works!)

  • If you have mascara that you didn’t cap tightly, which caused it to dry out, just add a few drops of saline solution to get it back! Do not use mascara for more than three months as it can generate bacteria and hurt your eyes!

  • Only use eyebrow pencils especially designed for this purpose. The tones are softer than eyeliners or lip liners!

  • For perfectly curved eyelashes, heat your eyelash curler for 5 seconds with a blow dryer. This will help your eyelashes to stay curled for much longer!

  • Make your own lip gloss using your favorite eye shadow with petroleum jelly, Vaseline or lip balm. Beautiful!

  • Your true skin color is found on your neck, not on the face exposed to the sun! So, check your color at the base of your neck. Then you will avoid people asking you if you celebrate Halloween all year round! ☺

I hope these tips are useful! And I hope you get prettier each and every day!