Does your makeup run or last a short time? Do you want to enhance your features but don’t know how? Putting on makeup sounds easier than it really is! A little patience is needed and good products for the best results! Of course, as with all things, you need to follow a routine. This is why I will give you some tips and tricks so your makeup can be perfect! Let’s review some of them!

  • Above all things, it is FUN-DA-MEN-TAL to have clean and exfoliated skin before you get started! Use water and a neutral PH level soap to clean your face. Do not use abrasive exfoliants that will leave your face red and will not favor your beautiful skin! After you clean your face and neck, use a moisturizing tonic or cream to protect your skin! It will also help your makeup to last much longer!

  • Choose a place with good light (natural is much better) to see the tones you will use. This will help you avoid makeup overload!
  • Your base should always complement your skin tone. No one wants to look orange skinned or like a ghost! After all, Halloween is not every single day of the year!!!

  • When you apply a base, choose one that’s not too greasy or too heavy for your skin. Use water and the tips of your fingers to moisten lightly and spread your makeup evenly. Sponges and applicators can help, but many times they leave residue on the skin if not used correctly. Use the fingers you know for a flawless look!
  • Taking into account the shape of your face and features helps define the makeup you will use, even blush! Remember: Blush not only adds color, but defines your cheeks and enhances your positive features. It also softens the more prominent parts of your face! But be careful with brownish blush tones! If you use them incorrectly, the results could be tragic! Just use enough to lightly enhance your cheekbones or refine the shape of your nose.

  • To enhance your eyes (if they are small like mine), do the following trick: Use a white eyeliner pencil along your waterline! In other words, the lower part of the inner eye instead of black or color eyeliner. You will be amazed at the difference!

  • When you outline your eyes, you should stand in a normal position so the line stays even! If not, it will be crooked!
  • When you put makeup on your eyes, you need to note the location of the lighter tones and darker hues. Light and pearl colored tones go around the inside corners, the center crease and on the upper bone below your eyebrows.  First, apply lighter tones and then darker hues. Try to combine the same palette of colors for a more uniformed look!

  • If you have a plastic spoon, let’s try another alternative! Use it below your eye to apply mascara to your lower lashes. You will achieve a fuller and lusher look!

  • Use the same spoon to apply mascara to your upper lashes and avoid staining your skin (I really hate that!). The residue will attach to the spoon instead of your skin!
  • Finally, fake eyelashes are really pretty but hard to apply. Help yourself by using the tip of a hairpin! How? Use the tip of the hairpin to add glue to the tip of the fake eyelashes, let it dry slightly and then apply!

I hope you have enjoyed these beauty tips! Best wishes!