Many people ask me how I handle a work at home job. I must confess that it takes some getting used to, but it is not impossible! Of course, it does require some organization and structure. We also need to understand that working from a home, office or workshop requires something from us…We have a job to do and a time to deliver our work!

Some fear the distractions that can happen in a work at home surroundings. It could be the television, our hobbies or even the bed that calls us for a nice siesta! Again, we need to find the proper balance in the work we do! It is healthy to take a break and alternate tasks with our housework and the job we need to accomplish. Sometimes it allows us to focus better and even find the solution to a problem that had us in a rut!

Apart from these issues, people who work from home share certain habits that make it simpler to finish the most pressing tasks in a timely manner! These habits will allow you to organize your time and fulfill your work commitments.

  • Create your own work space. I have my own office environment at home. This is where I keep my work tools with my hobbies and other activities I do. To enhance my creativity, I take small breaks to read a magazine. Or I may do another activity like play an instrument or even draw! However, you must learn to take these little breaks responsibly! If you are easily distracted, arrange your work tools in the room and slowly include other objects until you achieve the necessary concentration. Then nothing will distract you from your work. The key is to pretend you are not at home!

  • Your workspace should be comfortable and you should feel good in it! Not too hot and not too cold. Include some cute décor to your taste. This could be a painting, plants or even your kid’s drawings. A comfortable environment will give you more energy to work! If you cannot set apart a room to work in, then choose a nice, comfortable corner to work from. This could be your desktop. Never work from your bedroom and much less your bed!
  • Set a work schedule or at least a time to finish your work. This will give you an established timeframe to complete your tasks. It is ideal to have an organized diagram of planned tasks. This can include what and when we will do our activities during the day. This will allow you to overlap other activities or engagements. It will also help you to finish on time because you will have a rough idea when you will deliver the work. Then you can adjust your schedule in the best possible way!
  • A daily and monthly activity calendar will help you to set your objectives and fulfill them! Especially when you work alone, you will not have the daily pressures of a Boss controlling you. For this reason, you will have to control yourself! Following a written or electronic calendar where you can configure your projects and the time needed to complete them is a great idea!

  • Be clear with your client or employer on the time required for the task. But do not lie about it! If certain tasks will take x amount of time, it is very simple for your employer to calculate how long you will take to complete the activity. If you need to do special work that takes extra time, be clear with your client and keep them up to date with your development. It is always best to request more time and finish the task instead of vice versa!

  • Be realistic. Always calculate a few hours more to finalize the job. No matter how much you may try to concentrate, you are susceptible to interruptions either of a personal nature or by someone else. This may cause you to fall behind in your work. Take advantage of these moments to try a mini-relax, have a drink or eat a snack. Then get back to work!
  • Don’t stay in pajamas all day! It is not necessary to look elegant but you should be neatly dressed.  Comfortable but apt to go out on the street at any moment. Although it might sound ridiculous, it gives an element of seriousness to our working commitment. In some way, we will feel influenced and obligated to finish our task!

  • Always have fresh water and healthy snacks like fresh or dry fruit, cereal or granola bars on hand. The more we avoid going to the kitchen, the better! It is not only a waste of time, but it is also easy to succumb to the sin of eating junk food all day! For this reason, and as in any other workspace, it is better to prepare a schedule that includes healthy meals, afternoon tea and evening snacks!

  • Try to stay away from social networks. I know, it is very, but verryyy difficult! But is it necessary to maintain your concentration. Set an objective and complete it. Then as a prize, treat yourself to a brief rest to relax and then you can check your social networks!

In time, these habits will become routine! And each time it will be easier and simpler to organize yourself, accept new jobs and even add new activities to your daily life!

Best wishes!