As a form of habit, of those who know about a particular subject, we see people make a lot of mistakes. Don’t worry! It will not take years off your life, but if you took into consideration the advice of others, life would be easier and you will be happier! And that is not all….your results would improve. Of course, no one is born knowing everything, which is why we present the following running tips just for you!

  • Many people say your running distance should increase each time, but in reality it should not be more than 10%, of your previous running mark.

  • Long and short races are the base for stamina.  This is commonly omitted or forgotten.  It does not have to do with running fast; it just has to do with running in the first place.  But when we want to compete over long distances, we need to endure.  So, if we run slow and long, we will get a progressive increase in our stamina and that will help us to complete the race.

  • Between regularity there is also rest period.  Resting is part of training.  It is not advisable to run more than 4 or 5 days continuously.  Why?  You may notice lesions appearing, muscular fatigue, etc if we do not have sufficient rest.  As an alternative, we could do stationary bicycle or another sport with similar facets.

  • Improve your running technique.  This can be a personal endeavor.  You must evaluate and prove the different techniques possible, to decide which is more comfortable for you. It is also true that there are different techniques for different types of races.

  • Stretching is also a part of running, but pay attention:  You must stretch before and after each run.  This is very important.  This will help to increase blood flow and contribute oxygen to the muscle.  It will also help you to avoid a lot of muscular cramps, etc.  It also alleviates and gives a sensation of pleasure. This is the favorite exercise of the heart, since it is considered aerobic.

  • Running in water is an excellent option when you have an injury or are recovering from one.  Especially when you need strength in your legs or to increase your muscle mass.  It is also used as a nice lymphatic drainage.  However, this exercise is always recommended, not only when you sustain an injury.

  • Taking advice into consideration and preventive care is a great idea, especially for different ages. Yasabe brings you the following tips for those 20 -39 years of age  and for those 40-64 years of age

We hope that this article has helped you with your running exercises. We know you may have your own special tricks, so we would love to hear from you. You can comment on the blog or upload to social networks. More than likely you also have friends that run and these tips will help them too!