On Monday, we celebrate Labor Day! And with this celebration, we say our unofficial goodbyes to summer! However, apart from the traditional grill, there are other ways to celebrate! For example, why don’t you take advantage of the weekend to go camping with the family or friends? If you wanted to plan a camping trip for a long time, or if you thought it would be a great idea but never got around to it, this is a great opportunity to get started! A great way to get started is to find a place near your home with beautiful scenery and lots of fresh air to enjoy!

With this idea in mindand because I know camping can sometimes be more fun in theory than in actual practiceI am going to give you some useful tips to be well prepared and stress-free every step of the way!

Camping is not difficult, but requires a great deal of organization and the right equipment. When you’re far away from home and right in the middle of nature, you need to cover all the basics and circumstances that may pop up! This can be changes in the weather, minor wounds, food and other needs you may have.

It is fortunate to know there are many stores dedicated to camping equipment. But, it is also good to know the difference between essential camping equipment and unnecessary luxuries.  Keep it simple! It is like having a meal at home surrounded by the tranquility and beauty of nature.

When you think about the basics, and the items you will need for your grand adventure, consider the following items: 






-First aid

You have two options:  You can do discount shopping at stores like WalMart and use the supplies just once! This will be just fine if you don’t think you will ever go camping again! Or you may decide on a one time investment in good basic equipment that can serve you as the years go by! If you plan for a few days, you are going to need fewer things. And logically, your costs will depend on the amount of people who journey along with you!

First things first: Get organized! Think about where you want to go and the type of activities you want to do. This can be hiking, nature walks, beaches, fishing, picnics and/or sports. Or maybe you just want to relax a little and enjoy a good book! Once you are clear on your goals, look for places with these features near your home. Then, go to the store, and look for the necessary equipment. There are some people who take everything in their car! But others may travel by motorbike or directly as backpackers. You can also arrange to drive to a certain location by car and then proceed on foot. To do this, you will need a special backpack for camping!

Don’t forget the sleeping bags! Remember: These bags are made for different temperatures, so check the minimum temperature at night and the season of the year to decide which bags to buy! Some people use hammocks or inflatable mattresses instead of bags.

Tents: There are many different kinds of tents with different capabilities! Analyze how many people will sleep in the tent and the type of comfort you desire! There are people who prefer to sleep alone and others have no problem including friends in their tent! If you plan to travel with your partner or family, your options are clear! 

There are also different models. Keep in mind that it is preferable to invest a few dollars and avoid unpleasant surprises! This could be flooding if it rains or undesired visits from animals or insects! You may also like a sleeping cushion or other products that provide comfort. Again, this will depend on how comfortable you want your sleeping arrangements to be!

Other things that you will need to are:

A lamp: to light the way when it gets dark. A cheap LED light is ideal.

Lanterns: for the same reasons as the lamp. Don’t just trust the campfire light! You never know what might be lurking in the shadows. 

First Aid kit: This can be something basic to clean and heal wounds like scrapes, cuts, blisters and any other medication you may require, even anti-allergic.

Sunscreen: With a minimum factor of SP40! Don’t forget to add to your clothing list hats with a shield or flap to protect your head from the sun!

Insect repellent. 

Before you get started, do some research! Use the internet to help you discover for great locations! This can be places with bathroom facilities and other amenities you can book ahead of time. Always read useful information and speak with the guards. Don’t hesitate to ask important questions! What if someone gets lost? What happens if you see a bear? What if an accident occurs? Think about all the possibilities and keep them in mind!

Buying clothing is also another factor to think about. You can search on the internet for sales and offers depending on the type of activities you would like to do! At some special themed parks you can rent equipment and don’t need to buy it! Clothing should be comfortable and always, no matter where you go, carry water with you! This includes sunscreen, energy bars and insect repellent!

Keep the tent closed to stop animals and insects from getting in.  With this same idea in mind, protect your food and store in places that do not call the attention of the animals. The trunk of the car is a great place to keep it!

Remember: You need to carry portable coolers to keep your food fresh and good. Anything that requires refrigeration like sausages, cheese or fruit can stay nice and fresh in a cooler! For the rest of your food supplies, try a simple camping menu like canned goods or cook simple things. If you go to a camping site with barbecue grill facilities you may BBQ a good roast on the first day! And for the following days you can enjoy fruits, sandwiches, beans and healthy snacks! The simpler, the better, and you will require less cooking implements. Of course, take the basic supplies like a few glasses, dishes, cutlery, napkins and a pot if you plan to cook something. 

Finally, don’t forget the importance of water! If you decide to stay in a facility with good drinking water, it will be easy. But if not, take gallons and gallons of good water with you and don’t skimp on the amount! Store in a cool place just like the food!

I hope these few tips will help you with the camping basics! Don’t forget to research, read and get informed! These steps are important to ensure that everything goes well! It can also help you to build a good campfire without starting an actual fire! And you will have all of the necessary tools to enjoy a successful getaway and avoid a monstrous headache!

Happy Labor Day!