What kind of bread do you think of when you hear the word bakery? Every culture has variations in grains, thickness, shape and texture that they use in their breads. Mexico is popular for its pan dulce called ¨Conchas.¨ The French are known for their bread, the ¨Baguette.¨  Bread is an important part of our nutrition and most households use bread regularly or every day. Bread is made by mixing flour, water, salt, yeast and other ingredients. Breads are made in different shapes, sizes and flavors.  Breads have been around since the ancient times or even longer. The oldest bread found is approximately 4,000 years old and it was found under the foundation of Mentuhotep II’s mortuary temple at Deir el Bahari in Western Thebes.

There are three main types of bread in the world:

    • Breads that hardly rise are called flatbreads;
    • Breads with medium volume like French breads;
    • Breads with with a high rise that have to be baked in pans.

Bread Nutrition:
The nutrition of bread depends on the flour used. The healthiest breads to eat are those made with wholewheat or wholegrain. A slice of bread is about 75 calories. Bread has small amounts of protein, is low in fat, and is a high starchy carbohydrate.

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