Do you want to change cars? Would you like to sell it on your own? 1, 2, 3 and done! Keep reading for fantastic advice on how to sell your car in a short time, at a good price and without problems!

Market Research

First, you need to do research. For example, how much does the car you want to sell cost brand new? How much does it cost used? What kind of pricing are dealers and other sale websites asking for this type of car? If your car is a popular model or brand, it is possible you may sell it quickly. If not, research the different markets to find out which one is more valuable. For example, collectors, university campuses, areas close to the beach, etc. This will allow you to improving planning and be more realistic in your sale prospects.



The DMV recommends having your state paperwork ready to change ownership. This includes your liability release and smog certification. Just visit the DMV to check this information and ensure your paperwork is up to date.

Vehicle information

The potential buyer will want to know about your car and you must share this information with them. Do not exaggerate or lie. Be honest and share the right information about your car, model, brand and its market relationship with other cars. For example, you can print the characteristics and price of a similar type car to support the sale offer. If you need to increase pricing, keep in mind items like accessories, special or unique model characteristics, updates, parts of the car or general updates of the same.  Other points to keep in mind is the mileage of the car, fuel economy and if any “cosmetic” changes were implemented like painting, wheels, tires, etc.

It is important that along with the original paperwork and those required by the DMV, to keep a record of receipts for each vehicle update.   

Vehicle history

You can request your VIN number to prove you have not been in any accidents or to obtain important information about your car.

Decide where to sell your car

I recommend where you will find a great community that speaks your language. You will also be able to sell your car and buy a new one too!

Once you decide on the sale price, add a few more dollars as a buffer for the negotiation phase of the deal. Then you can sell it at the original price you had in mind!

When you are ready to publish your ad, take nice pictures of your car showcasing its virtues. Be sure it’s clean inside and out. Don’t hesitate to invest in small cosmetic fixes to enhance the price.


When you make an appointment with a prospective buyer, remember these important points:

-Both you and your car should look impeccable. Remember: First impressions count!

-Have all important paperwork on hand, preferably in your glove compartment.

-Be kind and honest. You should be ready to answer all questions from your potential buyer.

-If they request a driving test, be sure you have a driving license and accompany the individual. Someone else can accompany you for extra protection and if you see anything suspicious, end the negotiation.

-You can have a mechanic standing by for inspection if required.



Always let the the other party have the initiative. Listen to the offer and go from there! Start to negotiate using the information available. If you decide to accept the offer, it is convenient to start proceedings. If the offer is too low, you can thank them for their time and trouble. Leave your information with them. They may reconsider later on.


Leave your accepted payment options clear: Cash in general or cashier’s check from a local bank.

Before you turn over the keys and paperwork, be sure payment is received and the deposit is properly done. Then contact the DMV to notify them of the sale and contact your insurance company to terminate coverage for your car.

I hope these tips help you and good luck!