Let us take a stroll around the continent and see how much we are all alike!  Of course we all have our own cultures and traditions, and we demonstrate our caring nature in different ways. One of these ways is how other places celebrate, or in what ways they enjoy father’s Day in Latin America.

In countries where ancestry and cultural roots are still entrenched, celebrations of a theocratic nature is the norm, depending on your belief and heritage.  For example consider: México, Guatemala, Perú, Paraguay, Bolivia and Amazonian zones in other countries.  These places are where the indigenous flame still burns in the mysterious and extravagant culture of our ancestors.

In places like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and the capital of other countries where cultural ancestry is not that entrenched, large gatherings are held in the home of the father of a large family.  This is very common especially when a man has fathered sons / daughters and their wives and husbands, who show that special love towards their father.  They all take part in showing what a large, happy family has been built by their father and his wife.

 Also in more religious zones or persons subject to their beliefs, banquets and offerings to saints are held.  This can include gods, virgins and different religious personalities.  Each entity apparently fulfills a different roll or very personal desires.  Usually this is due to the request of what is “destined” to be fulfilled.  And fathers take the opportunity to see how family members request things ‘to’ and ‘for’ him.

However, without a doubt, the most useful way to show the immense love we have for our father, is taking him to an event he likes the most.  Either that restaurant he always dreamed about or whatever his heart is set on.  In his day and age, despite our cultures, he and our mother are the ones who have created and designed us.  He deserves everything, and because of this reason, we do our best to please him.  And we do not have to focus on traditions or other types of beliefs when we do this.

If you have any other ideas, we welcome them!  We would love to know what special way your family or culture celebrates this most significant day.  You can do this by means of comments or uploading to social networks.