Many people suffer from headaches and daily malaise.  And most of us may not know the reason why. Generally speaking, this may be due to a serious problem with our eyesight, which can be solved with simple eyeglasses. (This includes shades). This device can improve or correct our vision problems.  To prove this fact, try these simple homemade tests that may serve as a snapshot of your present situation.

  1. Look with just one eye and compare the quality of both eyes. If one is blurry or tearful, it is possible you may have a problem and need a medical review.

  1. Print a page with different size letters. Try to read from far and near to test your reading abilities. Print a paragraph in different sizes and pay attention to determine which one is more comfortable to read and which one is more difficult. It does not have to be super professional. Just a few letters on a light background with different sizes.


  1. If you note an imperfection in your eyesight with your homemade testing skills, we recommend a visit to an optometrist to examine your eyes.


  1. Visit an optometrist you really trust and do not throw your money away.  Search as long as necessary until you find the right one to help you. Many would love to take your money from you for a simple appointment and charge for the necessary eyeglasses.  First, find out as much as you can, without hidden costs and if your medical insurance can cover you.


Do not hesitate to ask us your questions or tell us your doubts. YaSabe is here to help and guide you in the search for an excellent optometrist  to improve your eyes and provide an optimum quality of life.