It makes us nervous when we do not know how much longer we have to do therapy. Yes, it is quite a particular feeling, but there is a way to discover whether or not we are progressing.


We can consider moments of emotional impact before and during therapy.  And it is important to find a psychologist we trust. We can observe how impacting these moments are and how we react to these situations.  If we are honest with ourselves we can deduct if we have advanced, and how our clinical therapy is progressing.


Would you like more tips to know if you are really moving forward?


Before therapy get a notebook and note the following points:

  • Qualify the emotional impact of these events from 1 to 10.

  • Analyze your reactions to influential movements.

  • Describe the situations before and during therapy.

  • Analyze small degrees of progress.

Then register the same once the therapy is concluded, or every 10 days.

Now compare the 2 reactions, the 2 indexes or the format you have made.  If you are sincere you will note the differences clearly if you have progressed well.  If the contrary is true and you do not see much difference from one behavior or reaction to the other, it means you have not advanced enough.  You may want to search for another specialist. If we could be conscious of our reality, it will increase our strength of will.


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