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Here´s the problem: an important event is coming up and we notice some extra pounds. Our reaction is immediate and the little voice in our head yells out: You need to lose weight in one month! Well, here is some advice to help you make it.

First tip:

Let’s set things straight: you have to lose weight naturally (otherwise the yo-yo effect will arrive shortly) and you need to exercise, however briefly. This will help your kidney to release amino acids during the deep sleep stage, which in return aids in muscle reconstruction and provides balance for your body.

Second tip:

Have breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince(ss), snacks like a poor person and dinner like a homeless one. Why? Basically because after six or so hours of sleep (needed for intramuscular regulation, organ tissue repair and neuronal synapses) our bodies need to replenish all the fuel spent during the night, while also getting ready to respond to different stimuli during the day.

Lunch should be respected because it balances the resources consumed during the morning; make sure you eat lunch until fully satisfied. The afternoon snack, on the other hand, should be consumed basically to replenish energy, because during these last six hours our body absorbs as many saturated fats as we ingest. Dinner, in consequence, should be kept light and used only to help us sleep without feeling hungry. A good example is a glass of milk.

Third tip:

If possible, exercise on mornings. Even though you can exercise during any time of the day, doing it on mornings increases its effectiveness by 30%. You don’t need to attend a gym or become a runner; just do simple stretches and aerobic movements, which will improve your regulatory cycle and allow you to better perform throughout your day. You can also consult books and articles about human physiology.

Go for it! And your first step is to leave us a comment.