When I hear of spring I think of an outdoor picnic in the fresh spring air! Or at least that special thing we do with our family and friends as soon as the weather gets milder! Then we can enjoy a great spring day outdoors!

There are people who don’t like picnics! Why? They may feel you need to carry lots of things and it could become tedious! But nothing could be further from the truth! It is quite simple if you plan and organize yourself in the right way!

-First, choose a place for your picnic. This can be a park, a Public Square, the beach or even your garden at home!

-Take a cooler with the food and drink you prefer, and don’t forget to add water to quench your thirst after any activity you do. You can also carry homemade lemonade like this recipe I will share with you: Cucumber Lemonade Recipe


-Use reusable ice! They not only last longer, but things will not get wet!

-Take “snacks” with you. Someone is usually dying of hunger as you prepare the things to eat! You can also include cheese, meats, dried fruit and fresh fruit properly washed at home.

-Don’t forget to use sun block, insect repellent and a cap or hat, especially if you travel with young children!

-In many places with picnic facilities, there are tables to settle in and enjoy the day. Just the same, carry a tablecloth with you. This will help you avoid splinters and dirt on the exposed wooden table.

-Useful items to tag along are: bottle openers, straws, disposable bags to store food, paper towels and non-plastic knives.

-Research the park you plan to visit. Many times you may have to rent the area or they may have specific rules regarding alcoholic drinks.

-Think of an alternative plan should it suddenly rain (Which is common during springtime!), either by seeking shelter in the park or other covered facility nearby.

-Take games and fun activities for the children. You can take balls, blow bubbles, kites, etc. Don’t carry games with too many pieces! Young children can lose them in the park and never find them again!

-If you go with friends or family members, share the chores between all of you, and decide which items you will each carry ahead of time. This is an excellent way for everyone to enjoy themselves!

If you have these tips in mind, the only thing missing is the menu to think about! You will need fresh things and since you won’t have a grill nearby, you will have to eat cold food like eggs, sandwiches or salads. With this in mind, I will give you the recipe for an incredible and tasty: Deviled Eggs!

Deviled Eggs Recipe


Do not forget something sweet, because after a scrumptious meal, we always feel for something sweet! Avoid chocolates (they melt in the heat!), but fresh fruit is a great option (Especially if you can eat them in the skin). If you cannot have fresh fruit, you might try something similar like this Delicious Lemon Squares recipe I will give you!

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Happy Picnic!