When was the last time you cleaned your cell phone? Many people do not realize it is a necessary process to achieve the optimal operation of the device and the maintenance of the same. This is important should you wish to sell it in the future and maintain its value.  Sometimes, cleaning the screen and its greasy base is not enough. We bring you these tips to apply it to any smartphone.


What you will need to clean:

• Microfiber cleaning cloths.

• Q-tip or cotton swabs.

• Water.

• Alcohol for specific infected areas.

• Suitable cleaner for electronic devices.


The following products should be avoided:

Avoid abrasive materials with metal bristles, stiff brushes, alcohol, and paper towels among others.

There is a very useful product sold in the supermarket  and cell phone stores called Cyber Clean. This is a kind of elastic rubber that is used on your keyboard or cell phone. When you exert a bit of pressure, it removes germs that invade your mobile device.


The procedure is simple:


  1. Use the cloth and try to pass it over however many times is necessary, until the grease and accumulated dust is removed.


  1. If the mobile phone has buttons, it is convenient to use a swab and cleaner. This will help to remove the grime around the phone.


  1. Remember not to put too much liquid. Just add enough for proper moisture. If your device has a battery, turn it off and remove.


  1. Try to clean every corner gently and smoothly without damaging the device.


  1. Once the process is finished, let dry for a few minutes and replace battery.


  1. As good as new!

Did you find this information useful? Do you have another method to clean your cell phone? We hope you do! Share this information or comment below! We would love to hear from you.