Reading food labels is very important.  Especially if you have an illness or a recent discovery, which prohibits the consumption of certain nutrients or elements.  With this in mind, let us examine the correct way to read food labels, so we know exactly what it is we are consuming.

Serving size: Always verify the serving size.  Why?  Sometimes there is more than one.  All information on the label which follows is based specifically on the serving size.

Carbohydrates:  Always appear in bold to be clearly distinguishable.  Sugar forms a part of carbohydrates, although it is separated.  This is important because it raises the level of sugar in the blood.  It is advisable to always guide yourself by the Total Carbohydrate indicator appearing at the end of the list.

Fiber: Also called vegetable fiber.  It appears just below the carbohydrates and is an essential indicator.  Food purchase above 4 grams of fiber is recommended, if possible.

Calories:  Let us return to the beginning.  If you eat more than one portion, you are getting double calorie intake.  It is important because this indicator shows us how this food will affect our weight.

Total saturated fat:  This is an area where we must be very selective.  If we choose food with and index of 1g on this indicator, we are eating satisfactorily.  If a food has less than 0.5g of saturated fat, you can almost say it has no saturated fat at all.  Keep this indicator in mind.

Trans fat:  This is one of the most dangerous elements and should not be overlooked.  It elevates your bad cholesterol and reduces the good one.  Without a doubt many people overlook this indicator.  When a food has this type of fat, it will appear just below the total saturated fat. It is recommended to consume less than 1g of this type of serving.

Sodium:  This is the main ingredient, so to speak, of salt. When people want to reduce the amount of quantity of salt consumed daily, whether by choice or some health problem, this indicator should be checked.  It is important to consult with a nutritionist the recommended minimum amount to make the best choice.

% daily value:  All of these values revolve around 2.000 calories per day.  This should be consulted if we want to eat more or less, depending on our objective.

We hope you have enjoyed the food label list, and use it correctly.  If it has served you, please share your results on social network or leave your comments below.