Cleaning out the closet?  Do not throw those old socks away!  Prepare to spend a wonderful time with your kids in this fun activity transforming old socks into fantastic puppets!


The first step is to gather the materials you are going to need. If you do not have them available at home, you can get them at any paper or  haberdashery store


Materials you will need…


  • Socks

  • Markers

  • Scissors

  • Different color threads

  • Buttons

  • Wool

  • Needles



Now that your materials are ready, let us get to work!

First, you need to place the sock on your hand and mark where the eyes and mouth of the puppet will be.

Use a needle and thread (You can also use glue if you prefer this method), to sew the buttons for the eyes.  Then use a little wool to create the mouth, nose or eyebrows.



You can also use the wool to create hair for your puppet.


The characters you can create are infinite.  And your child will not only have fun with this craft project, but also enjoy creating a character and bringing it to life!

A great tip is to choose a story you may like. You can buy storybooks  and motivate your children to make puppets of characters in the story.  Then they can use the puppets to represent the story for the whole family!

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