Enjoying a special meal or receiving someone you haven’t seen in a while can be a happy occasion.  Celebrating mother’s day or participation in other special events can provide the opportunity to show your care and affection, by means of elegant craftwork.  Why? Craftwork gives us the opportunity to decorate our environment or surroundings.  And table centers can provide a big and positive visual impact to our guests. Here are some ideas you can use that may open your mind and fuel your inspiration.

Table centerpieces with…

  • Candles:  This is a particularly romantic alternative.  Place liquid in a container, flowers and floating candles.  This can be a really neat twist to any dinner arrangement, a gathering or a simple decoration that will attract anyone who enters our home.

  • Bottles:  With just a little imagination and additional details like flowers, colored paper shapes and more, we can make a big impact.  Our friends might say, ‘what imagination!’  And we will enjoy it too.  We can make combinations of bottles in different colors, perhaps painting them with artistic shapes, or surrounding them with plants or other craftwork.

  • Paper:  Is a very useful tool in craftwork.  It would be wonderful if you learnt to do different cutouts, drawings or whatever someone requests.  A nice breakfast adorned with a centerpiece with unique drawing will give us a lot of opportunities and occasions to use our talents.

  • Cardboard:  Is another basic craftwork element.  Making cardboard napkins with glasses adorned in flowers, will provide a unique visualization our guests will enjoy.  We can also do picture frames, drawings on the frames or any other item that goes with the decor wherever we place it.

  • Stones:  If you put them at the base of a centerpiece table for example with flowers, we will show a natural and precious design.  We could also place, in order, different colored stones.  These can form a line or geometric shape within a glass container.  Add a little grass to the top and you will have a beautiful display.


These are many ideas that will help you create a table centerpiece in any situation.  We hope this has helped you to generate ideas to please a loved one or a friend. You will prove by your imagination, hard work and skills that you love them.   And your love is the reason you did it in the first place!

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