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When we talk about training our dog, happy thoughts arise. We want our beloved pets to be obedient so we can better enjoy their company. Wanting to train your dog is not a bad thing; au contraire: all that dogs want is to show us their love in the form of obedience and instinct.

The skills you will need for house training your dog are all important. You should keep in mind that training can start after your puppy is 84 days old. During this period make sure to constantly call it by its name and use the famous “calling”: that is, calling your dog to come up to you and rewarding it with your approval.

  • Patience: you must be very patient. Your puppy doesn’t understand why you are angry; it only knows you are unhappy with it, and that plays against your intentions. Patience implies consideration and discipline; if you want your puppy to understand discipline, you must show it yourself and refrain from yelling or scolding. Just using basic indifference will let your dog know you are unhappy.

  • Reward: for years it has been shown that dogs learn more from love demonstrations than they do from being yelled at. Affection has such a positive impact on them than their good behavior is imbued. Aren’t they cute!

  • Your voice: animals don’t understand words, just the phonetic behind our vocabulary. Therefore, you should graduate your voice potency according to the order you give, so your dog will instinctively produce a response to this expression. Do not yell at it, and learn to differentiate in advance how you will graduate your voice, so your orders are obeyed.

There are endless training methods available, and they vary depending on your pet’s age and breed. Consult a professional to learn which method would be the best for your dog. We hope this article has been useful; please remember to share it; there are many people and dogs who might need it!