Although there are many pleasures of driving – there are few things worse than being involved in a traffic accident; whether it was your fault or not.  At the minimum, accidents can be inconvenient, and at the extreme they can be costly and sometimes even fatal.  Under all circumstances it’s critical to make sure you have sufficient insurance coverage.  You never know when an accident could happen to you so its better to be prepared. If you get auto insurance, it will protect it from theft, collision, broken glass, fire, flood and an automotive accident. If you don’t have auto insurance you can get a ticket and spend up to one year in jail depending on your state and your driving history. Most states require that you have auto insurance.

Beyond auto insurance there are other types of insurance.  Other types of insurance include life, business, personal property, renters, homeowners, health and medical insurance.  While each insurance has their benefits one of the key steps is to find the right insurance companyand the right insurance agent to meets your needs.

It’s clear why we need auto insurance, but why bother with these other types of insurance? Health insurance is a necessity due to the high cost of medical care. A simple visit to the emergency room can cost you thousands of dollars and a surgery can cost you $25,000 and in some cases much more. If you own a business, protect it from a catastrophic loss, cash-flow, fire, burglary and a law suit. If you have home owners insurance, it will protect your home from a fire, roof leak, windstorm and a burglary.

When looking to purchase or even just to research your insurance options, make sure to look for an insurance company that speaks your language, it will be easier for you to understand all policies. Look for an insurance agent that is close to your home. The most important attribute of a good insurance agent is that you can meet them face to face and that they take the time to explain the various policies and premium, risks and benefits.  Some insurance companies have agents that can never be reached, you listen to the hold music for at least 30 minutes before you can get through and speak to an agent. will be glad to recommend you an insurance agent that speak your language, has reasonable premiums, and is close to you.  While insurnace seems like an unnecessary expenses, remember that insurance is a safety net for your family, home, car, and business. Start saving money today, request insurance quotes today!  Click here for insurance quotes. Se habla espanol. If you want a personal reference or assistance in setting up an appointment, you can use YaSabe’s human-powered concierge service called “Ayudame.”  Simply put in what you are looking for, where you would like to meet and when, and leave your email address so our YaSabeOndo’s can contact you. For more information on YaSabe and Ayudame- check out this helpful video. If you don’t have a computer near you. Don´t worry, you can still ask for help directly from your mobile device.  YaSabe Android Mobile application provides phone-numbers, directions and other information about the businesses nearby. You can download the YaSabe Android application for free from the Android Marketplace.  You can also download the free iPhone app from the App Store and from iTunes. For additional information and news please follow us on Twitter (yasabe) or FaceBook ( – by Ide Lehner