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Among the many professional services we can now find online, lawyers are readily available, sometimes even offering free consultations at a moment’s notice.

However finding licensed professionals can be harder and even stressful, because we will be trusting them with our personal problems.

Today we want to share three websites that will make this search much easier.

  • Posttigo: Is one of the most prestigious platforms for virtual consultations. It doesn’t matter where you live or what your case is, these law professionals have studied or have quick access to different laws in Latin American countries. They are keen to show all their credentials and offer a confidentiality guarantee, which will make you feel much more at ease.

  • Is one of the most recommended in Latin America. Is the brainchild of a doctor who saw the vast amount of people couldn’t clear their legal doubts because of where they lived, lack of money or even time. They are very professional, reliable, friendly and quick to respond, according to their reviews. And this is a big part of their offer: they don’t usually take longer than 30 minutes to respond to a consult, and that beats taking the bus and waiting in line. They will also show their credentials at your request.

  • : The site with the most practical and easy to use search engine for the Hispanic community in the U.S. Choose a city and the service that you need (lawyers in our case) and you’ll get a full list of professionals around you with an easy way to contact them, to help you get done with the search process. Not every lawyer you contact through YaSabe will offer online consultations, so it’s always good to check with them.