With the advancement of technology  today we have countless numbers of internet services. One of them, the queries are professionals or specialists. Today we rely on finding a lawyer online with the option to make a request from our home for free and instantly.

However, finding documented professional is not quite as easy or generates distrust, because you are going to ask a very personal issue. We’ll give you two sites of the most reliable and can contrast this yourself.

• Posttigo: One of the prestigious platforms for virtual consultations to lawyers. No matter where you live and (almost) your case, these legal professionals have taken the trouble to study or at least have on hand all the variants in different Latin American countries. Its terms clearly reveal that all our data or attachments in our free consultations are confidential in all cases. Professionals keep the secret of their consultations, as they know the law and should not do that. Best of all it has a political demonstration which tells us that show us the credentials of lawyers, another plus because we know we’re talking to a professional in every sense.

• The other most desirable throughout the continent (Latin America). Born from the idea of ​​a physician due to the huge number of people who could not answer your questions for different reasons, remote locations , lack of money , lack of time, etc. . They are extremely professional, friendly ,quite fast, reliable and helpful as countless testimonials on the net. Commitment to maintain a high speed in answering our queries, almost never pass the 30 minute wait ( I’d rather wait 30 minutes before leaving sentadito home, take the bus, eat traffic, directions, take a number, do row  and then everything will be repeated from the beginning). They also offer a political demonstration to give us more confidence. The site with the most practical and easy to use for the Hispanic community in the U.S. search engine. You select your city and what they really need (in this case, lawyers) will have an extensive list of those who are around you, and so contacting them easily out of the search process that is so stressful. Not all lawyers that you contact by YaSabe will have online visits, so it’s best to check.

I hope you now know that you have these 3 sites very good professional and genuine level to online queries lawyers in Latin America . If you liked this information please let us know by commenting or sharing this article.