It can be frustrating when your car breaks down and you are stranded on the side of the road. You see each car pass by hoping that one will stop and offer help. You ask yourself, ¨Why me?¨ and ¨Why did it have to happen today?¨ You never think that your car is going to break down, so you might not be prepare by knowing what mechanic to take your car to. The things that are going through your head are the expenses that have now come up. And you are wondering how much it will cost to fix your car, and you have no choice. Especially if that´s the only vehicle you have. Mechanics, or mecanicos in Spanish, are known as car doctors and finding the right one when your car is sick can be challenging. Well, take a deep breath, here is some guidance.

Tips to finding the right mecanico:

  • Find out the repair shop hours. Are they convenient hours?
  • Check if they offer warranty on their work being done, 30 days is fine but if they offer more, the better because that means the mechanics know they will do a great job so you don´t come back.
  • The mechanic should explain step by step what the car needs and what will be done to it.
  • The service bays should be organized.
  • The parking lot should be well-kept.
  • The mechanics should be wearing a uniform and not clothes from home.
  • The customer waiting areas should be clean.
  • You should be allowed to watch them work on your car.
  • They should give you options on ways to fixing your car that is convenient for you.

As you take a look around the shop, you should notice neatness, for instance organized tool boxes and rags. If tools are scattered all over, that just shows lack of discipline and professionalism. Don´t get me wrong, grease and grime should be on the floor shop but things should still be organized to a point.

Look for certifications hanging on the wall. The most common certification is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). This company has over 600 locations nation wide were automotive professionals can test. Once the mechanic passes the certification, they get a patch to wear on their mechanic’s uniform. ASE requires automotive professionals to test regularly to keep their minds fresh in their automotive certified specialty.

Mecanicos have a lot of tools. They invest on new and advance tools over over time. An auto repair shop should have various toolboxes of all sizes. Believe it or not, the size and wear of tool boxes and tools say a lot about the mechanic, like how much experience they have. A mechanic will never own just a brief-case size toolbox. If that´s the case run out of that shop, that´s an indication he/she is not an experienced mechanic.

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