First step: Enter YaSabe’s main page

Locate the place you would like to visit.  Change your location or write the location in Yasabe’s search box.

If your city is already assigned, you can directly click on ‘restaurants.’  If not, repeat the previous steps.

Choose the type of visualization you prefer: list, map or table.  We have 3 options to choose whichever one you like best.




Or map.  Whichever one is more convenient, easier and practical to use.

On the left panel you will find ‘filters’ to do a more selective and timely search. You will find other search options like ‘CHARACTERISTICS’ (with menu, images, website, etc) or by ‘CATEGORY.’  This will allow you choose the restaurant you like the most.


If you do not want to use a filter, click on ‘hide filters’ beneath the panel and it will be instantly hidden from view.  If you wish to use it once more, click on ‘show filters’ and it will be available again.

When you locate the desired restaurant, click on the image and the following screen will appear.  You will find information on the location which includes pictures, exact address, restaurant website, menu and even a map to guide you, until you arrive at your chosen destination.

If you do not know how to get there, focus on the icon ‘how to get there’ above the map.  When you click on the icon, a tab will open in your search engine and Google will take you there with no problems!

And if you would like to leave a comment, ask a question or share your next destination, it is easy to do.  Use the icons which connect to social networks and in less than a minute, you can share your popular destination with friends and family.