Your smile is part of your confidence. If you cover your mouth every time you smile, it is time to get your confidence back. Teeth staining happens due to the consumption of tea, cola, coffee, and wine. All those commercials on TV make you wonder and ask, “Does teeth whitening really work?” Let me give you some facts you should know. The good thing is that you have options. You can either choose to have your teeth whitened by a professional or you can do it yourself.

Teeth Whitening by a Professional
If you decide that you want your teeth whitening performed by a professional you should know that you have two options to choose from: a take home option that you perform at home and an in-office option performed entirely by the dentist. For the take home option, the dentist makes a molding of your teeth – called a tray – which you take home with you and which you will wear along with a special gel made with concentrated peroxide for 30-90 minutes a day. Your teeth are exposed to the whitening chemical and within a period of two days – your teeth will start to be whiter.  The results will last for years and if your teeth start to discolor or stain again, you can do a simple retouch yourself. This treatment is less expensive and yields good results.  This procedure varies in price depending on the shade of teeth you have, it will cost between $500-$1,500.

If you want quick and easy results without the fuss of having to wear something at home each night – either the light activated and non-light activated bleaching is the way to go. The light activated procedure is known to remove up to nine shades in just one hour with the use of a laser or LED powered light. Most dentists have stopped using this method due to concern of patient safety and expense of lights. Some patients have experienced sensitive gum lines after this treatment. The non-light activated bleaching takes two office visits, during which the dentist will use advanced bleaching gels and you will apply a gel application over night for maximum whitening. This procedures last up to five years and they vary in price from $500-$1,500. The advantage of using a dentist is that you will be under the care of an expert and it will be a faster and easier way to whiten your teeth.

Do it Yourself
If you are going to do it yourself, you should know what’s out there in the market. Toothpastes have small amounts of bleach and since you brush for about two minutes or less each day your teeth will take longer to whiten. The toothpaste are not falsely advertised, they will change your teeth slightly, but you must take the time to brush. Toothpastes work by using hydrogen peroxide and other whitening agents like baking soda to remove stains.  There are more advanced whitening products sold over the counter like Crest 3D Whitestrips. These products have low concentrated bleach and in order to achieve the desired results you have to apply them every day for an hour each day over a 1-2 week period. Most people do not follow the instructions diligently and therefore don’t receive the results they want. On a last health related note, don’t use teeth whitening if you have gum disease, if you are pregnant or nursing, if you have unfilled cavities or if you have cracked teeth.

Remember that people have three shades of teeth, yellow undertones, brown undertones and gray undertones. Gray undertones are harder to bleach. Whitening your teeth only works with real teeth so if you have crowns, fillings and bondings it won’t work.

Whatever method you choose, teeth whitening is a painless process.  The decisions about what procedure to use depend on how fast you want results, how long you would like them to last, and how much you are willing to pay.  We recommend that you go to the nearest dentist for an opinion and evaluation of your teeth. The dentist will tell you what teeth whitening product is good for you. can help you find the closest dentist (dentistas que hablen español cerca de ti) near you. What are you waiting for? Get your smile back, visit For additional information and news please follow us on Twitter (yasabe) or FaceBook ( – by Ide Lehner