If you think like most people, you may decide that homes with small spaces need to make the most of storage areas. However, you will waste lots of great space to store different things if you feel this way! Consider this: wide aisles and circulation areas without tripping over or kicking something… is the ideal solution. Why? Because light will flow easily and the environment will definitely improve.

Get ready for some awesome tips you can use at home to get more space! This will help to convey a welcoming image for your guests when they visit or spend the night.

Serviceable shelves:


Vertical: They really give us a hand when it comes to making the most of storage space at home. We can use them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room. Books love them too!


Air: Air furniture is tailored for kitchen areas and creates a warm environment. Everything will be nearby and we will not have to run all over the kitchen to find our kitchen utensils. Combining different colors along with the living room or other rooms is a great idea. This will help us to create an area we love to visit and use not just for eating purposes.


Embedded: These are short spaces within the walls that we will not use. We can embed a bookshelf in the wall. They can also be called work shelves.


Another excellent advice is this: In the bedrooms, at the highest point on the sides, we can use simple 2 door shelves. During summer we can store blankets. And during winter we can store fans or other items. Make the most of these spaces in other furniture with larger elements.

The color white can be quite a dilemma especially if you have kids! But if your kids are well behaved, use this tone to create the illusion of large spaces. Light also reflects with greater intensity. This is what gives life to the house: light!

Accessorize with simple shelves in various shapes, colors with their own light and a touch of imagination! All of these tips will give your house more than enough space to share with your family members. If you like this article, I would love for you to share your opinion with us. Remember: Two minds think much better than one!