If you are registered at YaSabe you will know what we are talking about!  Or have you not taken advantage of our weekly coupon offers?  If you are a fanatic of coupons, YaSabe knows just what you need!  We bring you coupons to collect and save for your purchases for things like beauty salons, tanning salons, home articles, supermarket or restaurants among other categories. These coupons change depending on the week or seasons!  YaSabe sends all of its registered users weekly coupons for example: 4 coupons from general doctors and 4 for restaurants.

If you are a fan of coupons, YaSabe brings you the best tips to get organized:

  • Print and store all coupons depending on the category in an envelope. Then you will know which ones to use whenever you need them. You could also organize by date to be sure you will use them all and not waste any.

  • It is convenient to make a supermarket list when you go shopping and label those products with discount coupons. Perhaps you can take advantage and buy 2 x 1, or the other product at half price!

  • Take note of your ticket at end of your shopping and be sure they have discounted the coupons at the checkout. If they did not discount the items, return for the correct promotional items being offered.

  • Know how much you are spending. For example, if you buy a bottle of shampoo per month, do not buy the 2 x 1 offer or something similar, because you will spend unnecessarily. You can donate these items just like pastry products, or whatever you have in extra supply.

  • If your friends or family discard coupons ask them to join together with you. This is a great way to get large discounts at any store!


Do you know how YaSabe coupons work at any store?


I do not think you need us to tell you how easy the process is in 3 simple steps…but here goes! Print the coupons, visit the place where you want to get the maximum discount offer and where the coupons are valid. Then simply exchange for your purchase or treatment!  Simple, right?

For all of our readers who do not receive coupons, what are you waiting for to register and start to save?  If you still don’t get them register here.  You will see the change by the end of the month!  And if you have any doubts, write to us or comment below!  We would love to hear from you.