There are many ways to take advantage of offers and discounts. In just a few days, for example, it will be “Memorial Day,” and you will find lots of offers at most stores. These are known as “seasonal” offers or “vacation offers,” and they are related to different national celebrations. Black Friday, Christmas and New Year are the biggest ones, but you can find offers all throughout the year on specific discount dates! The same thing happens when the season changes (or ends), and we find those awesome clearance sales!

You can find discount deals every month of the year. You only have to know where to find and take advantage of them. Here is a mini-guide to make successful purchases at the the best and lowest prices!

January is great month to shop at department stores. Usually they have “2 x 1” clearance sales, etc. It is also convenient to buy winter and sport clothing, and furnishings for our home. It is not a good month to buy electronics at good prices!

February is a great month to shop on Presidents’ Day! This month is ideal for electronics, televisions and winter clothing. It is not the same with Valentine’s Day and chocolates. (Yum, yum, good!)

During the month of March offers in electronics continue related to laptops. You can also buy good chocolate at half prices during this month, instead of February. (Finally!)

Spring clothing is also just coming out in the market at full prices. The same applies to lingerie!

April and May are ideal months to purchase spring clothing. If you wait just a little longer you can take advantage of “Memorial Day” offers. Even clothing outlets do special discounts during this season. And if you need underwear, April is the month to purchase them! But don’t wait too long. In May, the prices go up again! The same thing happens to jewelry. It is also not a good month for appliances

During the months of June and July you can plan your vacations! You can find discount coupons and interesting offers on cruises and other journeys! Take advantage of these great offers during Independence Day!

In August you will find school supplies and everything related to summer, which includes: Grills, swimsuits, summer clothing and garden or patio furniture!

In September look for offers during Labor Day! Apple launches their new products during this month too! They are not cheap and you may not find great offers, but if you want to buy them anyway, this is the month to do it.

You can continue to find offers and summer clearance sales. You might wish to purchase bedroom furniture, but this is not a good month for appliances!

October is the month of terror! If you need to buy costumes, this is the worst month to buy what you need. Wait until Halloween is over to buy the leftover costumes at a discount, especially at party supply stores! This is an excellent month to buy cars and take advantage of Columbus Day offers! Just like spring, this is not a good season to buy winter clothing, televisions or electronics.

November is Black Friday month!

Apart from huge savings offered by all businesses, this is the best season of the year to purchase televisions, consumer electronics, telephones and Halloween treats! It is not a good time to purchase toys!

In December you will find many Christmas and New Year offers. This is an ideal time to purchase toys and gift cards.

It is not a good month for electronics and jewelry. (Yes, they are beautiful but expensive!)

You can also find coupons and different store discounts all year round independent of holiday seasons! For example, here at YaSabe we have a voucher system for medical (general) and restaurant services. The only thing you need to do is enter our website, search for any coupons you may like, print and then redeem at the location of your choice! Easy and convenient, don’t you think?

I hope these tips help you to save and enjoy the best services and products, at the lowest prices!

Best wishes!