We have more good ideas for Halloween! If you go to a party or throw one at home, these ideas might be useful for you to prepare some treats, snacks, and desserts for your guests!


1. Spooky Cupcakes

These are simple cupcakes with chocolate frosting we have added Milano style cookies as tombstones and we written   RIP with frosting. You can make the ghosts using whipped cream or vanilla frosting.


2. Creepy Smiles

Make them with apple wedges, mini marshmallows, and use peanut butter to glue the pieces together, we can make some creepy and nutritious mouths.


3. Arachnophobia

Use chocolate dipped donuts, pretzels and colorful M & M’s to give life to these creepy spiders!


4. Meringues From Hell


An excellent and delicious idea to make with baked meringue. Once you have the meringues ready, proceed to decorate with frosting or melted chocolate. If you don’t feel like baking, you always can buy the meringues already made.


5. Scary fruit!


Ghostly Bananas and pumpkin-like tangerines, fun and healthy!


6. Zombie Fingers


Using pizza dough and painting the edges with tomato sauce to make some spooky but delicious zombie fingers. The nails can be made with almonds and you can use spices or food colorants to make them look even scarier.


7. BOO Burgers


With a knife and some patience you can cut jack-o’-lanterns on cheddar cheese slices. You can also make mummy pizzas putting cheese as “bandages” and using olives for eyes.


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