If you are the kind who wants to be non-stereotypical and try some different, don’t be afraid of what others might say.  Go for it!  Make it personal and your own.  What is important is that it represents you.  Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:
NAVIDAD COLORIDA-mm - Google Drive

Advantages of this type of decoration:

  • It is very easy to bring a Latin American style.
  • No need to follow a theme.
  • All Objects can be recycled.
  • Inexpensive materials and easy to implement.
  • Break down minimalist style.

                                                                                                  The Table
NAVIDAD COLORIDA-mm - Google Drive-2
If you look at this table decoration, simple materials are used. The table cloth is a flat color, and details are  in the plates with small holes and entwined with Christmas ribbons. The banana leaf for the table runner bring an unexpected Tropical twist to the decoration.  To complete this explosion of color, each plate is presented with a box of Christmas decorations.

                                                                                     Table Center-Pieces
NAVIDAD COLORIDA-mm - Google Drive-3
The colorful center piece is ideal for children to build. It is super-colorful and bright that your kids will love decorating. If such a colorful deco is not desired, you can turn off some shades and opt for pastel colors.

                                                                                      Christmas Trees
NAVIDAD COLORIDA-mm - Google Drive-4

Take a look and see that any material can be used in both ornaments for the table or the tree.  The second option is good for large rooms with lots of space and circulation area. While the first one can be used anywhere.

What are the colors you use for Christmas? Share with us one of the projects that your kids helped you with.