When you visit the dental office it might be useful  to know the dental instruments being used, so we can manage our fears. Let us review what each instrument is for and why they are often used. Do you think it may help to lessen your fears? Of course it will!



The most important types of dental instruments


  • Rotary: This is the instrument that works with a hose. This allows it to swivel in a rotating fashion with the objective of moving the drill bit at the end. There are different types of drills: contra-angle, turbine and hand piece.


  • Mouth mirror: This instrument is for intraoral exploration. It allows the dentist to see corners of the mouth, which are difficult to observe without this tool. It is also used to protect the tissues separating them when working with the teeth.

  • Explorer: This instrument is used to detect cavities.

  • Cotton pliers.


  • Periodontal probe: This allows us to examine the periodontal mouth health. This simply means the tissue that supports the teeth.

  • Anesthetic syringe: There are several types. Use is based on a case by case basis for the right instrument to be used.


  • Anesthetic cartridges: This is where anesthesia is located. They are made of crystal with a rubber mouth. This allows the syringe to extract the liquid without being exposed to the environment.

  • Puncture needles: This is placed on the syringe. They are sealed in envelopes or sterilized boxes. Depending on the type of anesthesia required, these needles can be longer, shorter or wider.


  • Rubber dams: This is used to isolate the humidity of the tissues from the work area, so it does not affect the operation. It is perforated to adjust exactly to the area where some type of work will be done.

  • Dam drills: This is a plier that perforates the rubber dams to the size required.


  • Amalgamator: This is an instrument where the mixture of silver and mercury takes place.

  • Portable amalgamators: Thanks to this device we can add the amalgamate substance, and use it for any cavity when needed.

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