Some of these you never heard of, others you will remember as if they were a joke and others have gone through your head as something bizarre. The stories behind these products are obvious because they failed … and they were given another chance.


We know that Argentina and Uruguay are both large consumers of matte.

What was the reason behind many entrepreneurs and companies involved in soft drinks to think it was a good idea to make a ‘gas’ (drink in Castilian) famous in popular ‘matte’.

The result: ‘You cannot reinvent the wheel’, they wanted to change a tradition that is being harvested for years … Forget it.


Evo Morales wanted to compete with Coca-Cola … everything it was advertised to be.However, it was not popular with the public because of its foul taste.

Due to the coca base, no one was willing to finance, distribute or market it to encourage consumption.

Rather than drinking it .. they chose to keep chewing the coca leaf.


McDonald’s wanted to impose this invention in Latin America which did not work at all. Pasta?? Why would we want to eat pasta in a fast food place when we go there for burgers and fries?

Did they want us to believe that this would become our local McGourmet? Mmmm ….


‘Mielcitas’ or’ mielitas. Great business when they went on sale, then … disaster.

The candy melted in the plastic pouches and stuck to the plastic wrappings so people’s jaws hurt from chewing so much plastic.

Although this candy came in more than 6 flavors, everyone knew this was really gross and disgusting!

Remember any product in your country who wanted to reach the summit and died in the attempt? Comment!