We’re very excited to bring you the first blog for YaSabe.com.

YaSabe.com was founded in 2010 with the goal of helping Hispanics in the US find and discover great local businesses. YaSabe’s business directory has 14M businesses across the US -in both Spanish and English and unique content for Hispanics in particular – such as Latin Restaurants by cuisine type (El Salvador, Mexican) and searchable food terms like “pupusas”, doctors and lawyers that speak Spanish, Hair Stylists & Beauty Salons for Latinas, deals and events, and much more. The Ayudame team offers help from our local experts, real human Latinos that answer questions and make sure visitors have a great experience at YaSabe.com.

We, the minds behind YaSabe, are a bunch of people that have spent the last several years working on technology and websites such as yellowpages.com in the US and paginasamarillas.com in Latin America.

Posts will be almost exclusively about local businesses and events that are of particular interest to those of us in the Latino community. We hope to see you around often, grabbing bites of useful and interesting info, sharing your thoughts and questions, or just having a fun time.


The YaSabe Team