If there is one thing that unites folkloric fashions in Latin American countries it would be: Color! Fashions tend to have vibrant colors, festive fabrics and decorative details base on the local nature of each location. And it embraces the indigenous essence of the area. You will also note in some of these fashions, the prevalent Spanish influence reflected in typical dancing outfits.



Brazil. Vibrant and tropical colors.  Soft and delicate fabric suitable for the warm weather.



Costa Rica. A dancer’s outfit with notable, influential Spanish roots.


Typical outfit of Ecuador. Hats and patterned fabric in vibrant colors.


Bolivia. With glitzy embroideries, pompoms and colors that shine from solid patterns.


El Salvador. Typical outfit with Spanish influence, colonial style.



Dominican Republic. Dancing costume, revealing the abdomen. With flamboyant ruffles at the neckline, and large natural flowers as an added touch.


Colombia typical outfit. Hats and woven textures.


Typical outfit from Peru. With colorful wool and hand embroidered designs.



Mexican dancing outfit. Designed with pleats, ruffles, lots of colors and fine threads.



Argentina typical outfit. Gaucho style clothing from the pampas and “china.”


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