Floral arrangements are a great way to express the love we feel and the bond that exist between two people. It is also a great way for us to personally show affection! And we can do this with whatever we have at home, or we can purchase natural floral arrangements.

Floral arrangements can be prepared with purchased plants. They can also be used with plants we have at home and wish to give away. You only need a nice medium sized can and colored paper. Combine both and you will have a heavenly gift for anyone who loves flowers!

arreglos florales

Others may not like real flowers, but they may love the form, shape, textures and colors of the same. In this case, imitation flowers can be made with paper and glue. It is best to choose colored paper and work with it giving a textured appearance and sticking them together. You will achieve an artificial bloom in whatever size you like, but it will be beautiful no matter which side shows!

Visit a flower shop near you.

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Just like this beautiful living / dining room with Mexican floral accents. Absolutely breathtaking! The artificial floral blooms accentuate the area in perfect harmony with real plants in old food cans. You could also consider this type of decoration for a children’s party. The bright colors are sure to make everyone feel good!

arreglos florales 2


Find the best colored paper to decorate your party! 

A floral arrangement is not always the centerpiece of a table. And breaking with tradition is a great way to be original! This also applies to gift giving or even a party.  In this case, as in the previous picture, floral arrangements can be used on chairs to combine with the surroundings! A modern and chic arrangement everyone will love.

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Since floral centerpieces are not always necessary, these arrangements can be used on the walls or just as decorative pieces. Many times you can choose to give them as a personalized gift. A personal floral arrangement with a favorite flower is a nice choice, or use flowers from your own garden!  You may decide this is the best and most original gift as the following pictures will show.

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And now we want to know… have you ever given a floral arrangement? What did you do? Remember: Find a way to share the most original and creative gift! Get inspired at YaSabe.com