Getting ready for your sweet fifteen party? If you are and if you love balloons, there are many options available to decorate the place where you will have the party!

Balloons have many advantages like: They are economical, cover large spaces, come in multiple colors and provide many alternatives when you put them together.

We might associate balloons with a kid’s party, but this is not entirely true! There are many types of balloons that can adjust to any specific occasion. If you don’t believe me, I will show you some beautiful examples to inspire you! With these tips and ideas, you can make your party decorations a smashing success! Shall we get started?

You can hire a company to help you with the party arrangements, but you can also do the same work with your family! Helium tanks can be purchased at marketplaces and party supplies stores at affordable prices. You can also rent! Each tank should yield approximately 50 balloons.

The designs, just like the colors you use, will depend on your tastes! In general, when you prepare this type of event, choose a color that will reflect various aspects like: Your dress or the details of your dress, flowers, tablecloths or the pathways to the balloons!

For example, you can replace floral arrangements on the tables for balloons, ribbon and tulle! I love the idea of transparent balloons with a smaller colored balloon inside!

Another option is doing table arrangements to combine with the roof as the picture shows. In this case, extended balloons were used. These types are used for balloon arts, which are tied to and dangle from the roof. The smaller varieties are metallic balloons shaped like silver snowflakes. You can even use stars, hearts and the letters of your name or even your birthday years! There are many varieties to choose from!

Centerpieces are another option. You can combine them with flowers! I like these  because they look like little trees. Use smaller balloons in flower pots, metal buckets or glass containers as the base for the centerpieces.

A classic idea is directly tying ribbons to the ends, allowing them to float and gather at the top of the ceiling.


Or you can build an archway or gazebo! For this step, you will need weights to hold the balloons to the floor, which will be arranged in differing heights to form the arch.


Once you have a column or roof to work with as a base, it is relatively simple to place the balloons. After all, you will be filling the surface with these decorative objects.

If you want to build arches interlaced with balloons, you will require a metal structure (In the form of an arch, of course!). The tutorial link that I am placing next will help you step by step to build this type of arch:

Remember: Less is more! The more simpler and delicate, the better! Get that creative spirit in high gear and combine your balloons with flowers, ribbons and fabric for a more eclectic and personal touch!

 Have a great party!