¡A ponerse en forma! Planifica tu entrenamiento.

A workout plan will keep you active, healthy and in a good mood all day! The most important part of this training is this: It is the only way to reach your goals by organizing a day by day schedule and exercise plan!

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5 steps to a successful training schedule:


planifica tu entrenamiento

You should not fall into the same dull routine day after day! This is a typical ONE, TWO, THREE…REPEAT…ONE, TWO…NO! Don’t do it. Choose an exercise plan that encourages your desire to continue the activity. You can also choose one that includes a degree of struggle with visible results on a short term basis. The important thing is to avoid failure. The more information you have about yourself, the more successful these exercise routines will be!


planifica tu entrenamiento

This is where the investigation stage takes place regarding routines, exercises, sports, methods and training skills. A word of caution is necessary here. It is not wise to start with something advanced when you can’t even run one block! So you will need the help of a professional trainer to assist you.


planifica tu entrenamiento


Time to start! But don’t forget the important things we may overlook. Remember each athlete has different learning characteristics and invisible training skills are available.


It is simple to do. You can take action or weigh yourself. Then after a week’s training you will note a firmer more toned body! Your mood will improve and as time goes by you can “test” yourself to measure your progress. You can note the repetitions or exercise workouts after a week and compare it with your current efforts.

Plan your training and define your goals…Choose the best method (But don’t keep it to yourself!)…share on social networks with YaSabe!