Have you ever seen an old or not so old toy and thought to yourself: Who in the world came up with this idea?  Then check out our list of horrible objects made into toys…


‘The wonders of water’ was a failed attempt at a marine animal, which promised to be the best toy.  In reality you were quickly bored after 3 minutes!  Especially after trying to pin the washer on the tip of the animal’s nose.  Do you think they did it on purpose?


The great and well known rope clown.  It looked like a box, but when you flipped it around, this ‘friendly’ clown would appear.  What a horrible surprise!


Toys that grow in water and turn to slime.  It made no sense just watching it grow!


The famous Furby, loved by some and hated by others.  The upgrade included eyes that doubled as screens…the skin is patterned and the colors of the ears are colors not seen in nature.  What did they really want to make?  

juguetes tenebrosos

Poor little girls who wanted to ‘be a mommy.’ They did not have the best idea creating a Barbie with an unborn child. You could remove or leave her tummy…something that if you really think about it, is completely horrible!

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Who really wants to have this thing in your bedroom after watching one or two of the movies? No way Jose…


It looks so cute you could even cut it in half to investigate the insides….something completely creepy!


It was a lot of fun to jump on and the colors were cute…but it was too uncomfortable. Most of the time was spent on the ground after multiple falls. Security equipment definitely required!

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