Perhaps you have heard or seen many things on TV about Puerto Rico.  We are here to tell you the stories are true! Puerto Rico is a beautiful country, rich in culture and history.  But daily life is just as exciting and something that caught our attention.  Why? There are some things we didn’t know about, and would like to share with you. Curious?  Keep on reading to find out more…


Wood from the Boricua Guayacan Tree is so resistant and sturdy it is used to construct propellers for airplanes.  Seeing is believing!


Puerto Rico is the country with more highways per square miles than any country in the world.  What a labyrinth!

Rum fanatics will have a wonderful time!  Puerto Rico is the largest producer of alcoholics drinks preferred by many.  More than 85% of the USA sales come from Boricua lands.  Start the music and let the party begin!

Puerto Rico is a Latin American country that best preserves Hispanic traditions. What do we mean by this?  Simply this. They are faithful to their historical roots, and have conserved their traditions for centuries.


Puerto Rico has one of the largest ports in Latin America. And not surprising, it has the largest exports of containers to Europe.  WOW!

Do you know this famous clothing designer?  Of course you do!  Many songs are sung about him.  Oscar de la Renta is well known and we name him because of his Boricua ancestry including father and mother.  Didn’t you know?


The syrup that is the hallmark of Coca-Cola and Pepsi drinks is made in Puerto Rico.  Will they reveal the secret ingredient someday?

If you recognize any of these homes then you know the Old San Juan neighborhood.  Many of these structures are made with ausubo (timber tree) beams, a material immune to any type of wood eating bugs that last for more than 6 centuries.  There is a reason many agree old constructions are best…

Did you know any of these fascinating facts?  Do you know anymore?  YaSabe would love to read your comments!