All throughout history, science has proven to be a revealer of secrets in regards to the human body. However, we also learn of amusing data which you will read about in this article. These mysteries or curiosities are fascinating to learn about, and we are thankful to the scientific community, which conducts worldwide and historical experiments to teach us what we need to know!  This scientific branch conducts more experiments than any other science group known today.


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  • People who sleep between 6 and 7 hours a day, aside from those who sleep more than 8 hours or less than 5, live longer! Data provided by the University of California in the USA.


  • In the past, European doctors ground pieces of Egyptian mummies as treatment and therapy against internal illnesses of patients.


  • Due to an improper diet, bad breath, excessive gas with strong odors, insomnia, frequent headaches among others, is where constipation originates. There are detected cases of the same sickness due to hemorrhoids and abnormal bodily odors.


  • It is calculated that around 7.000 to 24.000 hairs are in a man’s beard. The same average can be found under the armpits and legs of women combined!


  • The same level of intoxication issued from cigarettes, which provoke deficiencies and breathing problems is produced by wood and coal when a fire is lit. It is calculated that a meal cooked by wood or coal is the same as passively smoking 20 cigarettes during the same period of time.


  • When you are a fetus, during the period of gestation, more than 250.000 neurons are produced per minute. And you absorb 30% of maternal communication starting at 3 months of pregnancy.


  • The retina of your eye, each second, calculates more than 9.000 million operations; the same as a computer. Every 10 seconds there is an average of 1 to 3 blinks and 100 images detected per second.

I must agree some of these are pretty amazing, and I agree that I find some amusing, very amusing! Which one did you like the best and which one amazed you more? Let us know by your comments