Today I’ll tell you some tricks and secrets to do your hair easily and have it looking like you just came from a hair salon! Do not miss it!

If you curl your hair with a curling iron, always start from the middle instead from the end. Your curls will stay longer. Having the hair slightly damp and sparingly using not-oily styling gels and hair sprays can keep your curls fresh throughout the day and help you model them better.

Sometimes hairspray or lacquer can give you a look that is too stiff or rigid if you apply it directly on the hair. For a more natural look, you can apply the hairspray on your hands and use it to model your hair quickly.

Hair dryers have a “cold” button for a reason. Blow dry your hair with cool air after styling to help your style stay longer. Alternating between cool and warm air while blow drying and styling your hair helps to set your style and make it last longer.

The wavy side (which is also the shortest) of the bobby pins always goes down. This allows more pressure and makes the style last longer. Spray the hairpins with hairspray or lacquer and use them in an X-shaped as shown in the photo for a more fixed hairstyle.

Worried about flyaways? Well, if you have a toothbrush you no longer use, you will have the problem solved. You can comb your hair with a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray and bye bye crazy hairs!

When you make a ponytail, you can use this trick to make it stay lifted. Once you made the ponytail, you can use two pins and attach them to the rubber band. If you pull the ponytail upwards, it will remain fixed and high, preventing it from falling during the day.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and if you are interested in learning about hairstyles and haircuts do not forget to find the best beauty schools near your area at

See you soon!