In the United States there is a tradition to carry a Pot – Luck dish when there is a party. The basic idea is the following: Several people take their own prepared dish and share with all of guests. In other parts of the world like Mexico, they have their own traditional version.  It is called a “To bring” party because everyone says “I will bring” sodas, cake, etc.

So if you want to organize a Pot – luck party, or if you have been invited to an occasion like this, do not worry! Follow our advice to give a nice Latin touch to any gathering!

A perfect dish to delight your guests is a tasty ceviche. This is a very typical Latin American dish, with unimaginable varieties. Click on the link and find one of the many ceviche recipes you will enjoy!



Another perfect delicious dish to share is the Aztec casserole .This Mexican meat stew is an ideal dish to take in a Pyrex (oven dish), to share with everyone!

For those who love vegetables you can prepare a potato which is a simple dish to prepare. Very little ingredients and perfect to share with everyone.




Continuing with the vegetable dishes, a nice option is the Chilean dried meat and vegetables dish combined with ground meat.

You could also prepare tasty chicken tamales or beef. You can prepare them ahead of time and heat up on the day you need them.



And for dessert, try delicious sweet dough called chambergos to share with everyone. These sweet, tasty cookies with a touch of lemon will be delightful not only for children but adults as well!


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