Tourism by means of camping is one of the strongest and most popular offers during the past few years. Just in 2013 alone, tourism by camping rose 60% in our continent.  This indicates the feelings of both young adults and entire families who prefer to stay in touch with nature.  And this is an excellent way to relax and be free from daily stress.  Even today, this movement continues to be an important and upward trend. Now follow along as we show you 5 places to camp in Latin America.  Enjoy the tour!

Need a tent? What are you waiting for? 



 Camping Playa La Virgen, Atacama, Chile:  Surrounded by crystalline waters and each piece of land is protected by a mud hut. This is one of the most beautiful places to spend a few days enjoying the excellent climate and views. Besides the protective hut, each section (parcel of land) has a table and grill.

Enjoy the best food on your camping trip.



Camping Ingenieros, Mar Azul, Buenos Aires, Argentina: One of the most complete camping trips in terms of nature campsites. Close to 30 hectares are surrounded by trees just a few meters from the Argentinian Sea. You can choose where you want to camp. With trained personnel in the area of children recreation, this place is ideal for family groups.



Camping Cabo Polonio, Rocha, Uruguay: With a few hundred inhabitants, generally craftsmen and fishermen, this area is located in the Atlantic Ocean. One of the most virgin territories in Latin America!  You can watch sea lions just a few meters from their natural habitat. With candlelit lanterns and candelabra for an added touch, this beautiful area is a great place to study nature.  What makes it different?  A lighthouse!


Parque Nacional Natural Cocuy, Cocuy, Colombia: This area offers beautiful and very distinguished varieties from across Colombia.  Snowy peaks in the areas known as Pan de Azúcar, Castillo and Púlpito del Diablo, including the Guicán thermals are some of the highlights.  If you want to explore different landscapes at the same time, then this is the place for you!


Kalangos Camping Club, São Miguel do Gostoso, Brasil: To the north of Brazil, we find a camping area located just 300 meters from the Atlantic Ocean and 500 meters from the center of town.  Packed with excellent amenities like an outdoor swimming pool, spectacular gardens and tents or canopy’s for 2 adults. Or you may enjoy TV chalets, private bathroom facilities and fans. A beach that few can offer together with a spectacular climate!  Surrounded by lots of night festivities and excellent environment for tourists.

These are the 5 places to camp in Latin America!. Each location offers spectacular amenities suitable to any situation and purpose.  Ideal to spend time with friends, couples, friendly couples, married couples, families and more!  If you liked this collection please comment or share your views. Let us know how much you really enjoyed it, all right?