Since a couple of years ago, designers and fashionistas have strived to tell us that braids are here. And yes, they are trendy, they are cute and seems crazy, but there are many styles to show them, especially with long wavy hair.
Today I woke up and told to myself, as the braids are trendy, they are divine and they make me remember my childhood when my mother used to comb my hair to go to school, I will make a post about them with 5 designs and 2 tutorials to show you how you can make your own!
They are ideal for quinceañeras, graduates, brides and any party you want to look beautiful. I also wanted to show you different styles so you can ask your stylist. Remember you can always include some accessories like ribbons, flowers and buckles. Get creative!

We started with a simple half side braid with a medium length and wavy hair. It is a good idea for those who want to wear their hair loose.


I love this one! It seems a little complicated, I have to admit it, but a waterfall braid  is wonderful and super creative! Fits more for those with heavy, long and thick hair!


This fishtail braids, also letting the hair free is perfect for long thin hair.

 Zoe Saldana is so cute! Have you ever seen her all green in Guardians of the Galaxy? The truth is that Zoe exudes glamor even with this look a little more casual and youthful (which I use a lot). It is a loose braid on its side with several loose strands, and with a detail on the tip attached with the same braid.

Who said you can not do braids with short hair? This design is a very cute and simple detail that changes the whole look.

And as I promised, two tutorials for you to learn in a few steps how to do your hair with braids!