The beginning of a new school year can be a time of great emotions and anxieties for both parents and children. Mainly because it means a new interaction environment for our children, and sometimes responsibilities and “fears” facing new situations. I thought to give you some simple tips that make adaptation easier for everyone.

Visiting school and meeting new teacher 

If your school is organizing an open house, make sure you go. Familiarize your child with their environment will help prevent butterflies in the stomach during the first day. Together you can meet the new teacher, find his or her desk, or explore the school. If the teacher welcomed the new families by mail, show the child the letter and read it with him or her. It can give him or her more confidence as one of the greatest fears and uncertainties is whether children will like the new teacher or not.

Connect with friends.

A friend of the previous year can make a big difference to the child’s return to school. Therefore it is important to connect with parents and children to find out who will be in the clase of your  kid. You can do it through something simple like a play date, for example.

School supplies

Once you have the list of supplies that require your child this year, it is important to go with him or her to choose them. Always keeping in mind the basic needs, something as simple as adding a new notebook or pencil that he or her like will make it easier to adapt and increase the love for going to school. Having the right tools will make your kid feel prepared and will provide advance knowledge of the tasks he or she will develop. Let them to  use them before school, especially those who have never used before,  will make them feel more comfortable using those tools in class.

Preparing for the future

While it is important to keep the education process at all times, even on vacation, the last week reviewing the errors and put your child to exercise, can generate more anxiety and distrust, reminding what the child forgot instead of what he or she have learned. Ideally, try to read while on vacation with your children, make occasions like going to the market to exercise math or other skills or through educational games. It works better than pressing it at the last minute.

Generate a simple routine

The change from vacations can be stressful for everyone in the house. To avoid chaos, start to adapt your children a few days before with a simple routine. Routines help children feel comfortable, and the establishment of a solid school routine will make the first day of school a lot easier for him or her.

I hope these tips where helpful for you  and do not forget to find the best schools near your area at!