(Tacoma Park, Md.) — From always, it is known that a stylish quinceañera party will make it unforgettable for those who attend. Make others go ¨WOW¨ when they set eyes on you at your quinceañera. A stunning hairstyle can easily make a great first impression. Lose the stressof trying to create your own hairstyle yourself, leave that to a quinceañera hairstyle pro. Stop wasting time experimenting with highlights or making your hair lighter by soaking it in lemon juice and sitting in the sun, so many crazy things we do to our hair! Today’s tip is to help you avoid that sunburn. If you are counting down to your Quince contact Blanca´s Hair Salon. The unisex hair salon/barber shop is family owned and operated and serves adults and children. She will advice you on what hair style will fit you best or she will do any hairstyle you want.

¨ I have 22 years of experience,¨ Blanca Marquez, owner of Blanca´s Hair salon.

At the salon they speak English and Spanish and they welcome individuals with all hair types. They specialize in hair coloring, hairdo’s, permanents, highlights, eyebrow waxing and much more.

Here are some tips to follow to accomplish a perfect look according to your face shape:

Square Face:

You have a strong squared jaw and brows. ¨The best hairstyle for you is a curly updo with added wisps in the face and bang area,¨ Marquez said. For loose hair keep your squared features unnoticeable by styling your hair with curls or a sleek long choppy hair cut from the jawline down in layers. Always cut your hair below the cheeks. Avoid one-length, center parts and flat bangs because they will emphasize your angular jaw. Some of celebrities who have this face type are Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore.

Round face:

¨The perfect quince hairstyle for your face is a French twist with curls pilled on top and added bangs styled to the side, this will draw focus away from round areas of your face,¨ Marquez commented. Your face has round cheeks and is heavier near the ears. If you want to wear your hair down for your Quince instead of an updo, make your face look leaner and longer by cutting the hair below the chin and adding different layers to the rest of the hair cut. This kind of hairstyle is called the long bob hairstyle. Your best tool friends are a flat iron and a boar’s hair brush to tame your hair. If you have bangs try to keep them long or sweep them to the side. Curly short hair is a no-no as well as one-length cuts. Some of some celebrities that have this face type are Fergie, Cameron Diaz, Oprah Winfrey and Kirsten Dunst.

Oval Face:

As an expert Marquez continued to tell us that, ¨with an oval-shaped-face you can pull off any updo due to balanced features in your face.” To emphasize your eyes, add bangs to your style.¨ If you want to wear loose hair that day make sure that if you have thick hair you don’t get short layers because it will make you look like a pyramid. If you have curly hair don’t get a short style. Other than that you can decided which features of your face you want to emphasize like your eyes or your cheeks. Invest in a flat and curling iron. Some of celebrities that have this face type are Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba.

Long Face:

A great updo for your Quinceañera is a slick pulled-back-updo with bangs, add an adornment, this will make your face look shorter. If you want to wear your hair down add curls and waves to create width. A great style would be a haircut with layers that fall at the cheekbone, jaw and collarbone. Bangs will make a great addition to your face. Avoid haircuts that are longer then the collarbone they will drag your face and make it longer than it already is. Don’t center part your hair, tight curls on top of your head or wisps, this will make your face appear longer. Some of celebrities that have this face type are Ashlee Simpson and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Heart Face:

You are the lucky one that can pull of having long and short hair. Short sleek hair styles are great for you and for long hair add some volume or waves by using a curling iron. As a heart shaped face, you have a wide forehead, small jaw line and your cheeks are the focal point. ¨A great hair updo for you is to do a side parting ½ hair up and ½ hair down,” Or you can do an updo with side bangs to give balance to your forehead.¨ Avoid doing an all pulled back sleek updo. If you want to make your eyes the focal point, wear side-swept bangs and long hair that falls beneath your jawline in layers. Avoid short hair, choppy layers and short, short bangs. Some of celebrities with this face type are Jennifer Lopez and Katie Holmes.

Pear Face:

You have a long face with a wide forehead and narrow chin. Consider an updo with full bangs, a French twist with lots of texture at the crown and sides. Leave stray hair out and tuck it behind the ears. Avoid long hair styles, center parts and extreme height at the crown. This will bring unwanted attention to the jaw and make you appear like you have a longer face. Some celebrities with this face type are Halle Berry and Beyonce.

 ¨The most popular updo for a quince is the modern French twist.¨ 

To style your hair for the big day Marquez commented, ¨tt takes about two hours to make an updo.¨ The updo involves the teasing of hair which simply means combing the hair against the direction of the hair growth to give it the volume it needs at the crown. Marquez said that you should not worry about damage to your hair unless this is done often but you should expect some tangles.

For a finishing touch you can adorn your hair with fresh flowers, tiara, headbands or a circlet. This complimentary headpieces are also made from plastics, metals, rhinestones or fabrics to match your dress. Blanca´s Hair Salon gladly accepts walk-ins.

¨We are at your service to meet your needs for that special Quinceañera.”

Blanca´s Hair Salon is conveniently located at 6309 New Hampshire Ave. Takoma Park, Md. 20912. Contact them: (240)667-2794.

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