One of the most distinguished things that the Latino community is known for is great food! And we always try to find new recipes or improve our treasured traditional meals!

Today, I thought I would vary a little and write about a few simple recipes, which are easy and quick snacks with lots of great Latino flavors!

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Let’s start with a few very Cuban Croquettes! Did you know there is wonderful diversity among the groups of Latino origin in the major metropolitan areas? For example, Cubans at a rate of 54% are the largest Hispanic group in Miami!

Cuban Ham Croquettes! – Find the recipe here:

Toasted Fried Plantain (Tostones) – Find the recipe here:

Tostones are fried plantain slices. They are very well known in the Latin American and Caribbean cuisine. A friend of mine learned how to make them during her stay in Puerto Rico.

Did you know Puerto Ricans are the second largest Hispanic group in the United States with 4,9 million people  (and another 3,5 million on the island of Puerto Rico)?

Pork Rind (Chicharrones) – Find the recipe here:

In Mexico, pork rind is also sold as an appetizer or salty snack in the supermarkets and other shops distributed by many. The most popular dishes use pork rinds or fried pork as a main ingredient in a green sauce. This includes plump chicharrones too!

Did you know that Mexicans make up two-thirds (34 million) of the Latinos in the nation?

I hope you like and enjoy these tasty recipes!

Until later!