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(Alexandria, Va.) — I know that having a quinceañera as perfect as possible is your number one goal. So many traditions to follow… but you know that among them all relies your 2nd tip and a big tradition you can’t miss out on… Your last doll, ¨ La ultima muñeca.¨

According to tradition, at your quinceañera you are supposed to receive your last childhood doll. Why not make it a unique one? One that will last a lifetime and looks just like you. You’re probably thinking, how am I going to do that?! Or hmm… Where will I get one? Look no more.

At Miss 15 Años, they specialize in doll making for special occasions like weddings and quinceañeras. They have been in business for five years now. Not only do they make dolls, but they make them look like you.

¨ We specialize in giving the option to those who want a doll but want it personalized to their taste,¨ Rocio Castro, owner of Miss 15 Años told us.

Keep in mind that you need to place an order for your big doll two weeks in advance, and one week in advance for a small doll. To make a large doll it takes one to two weeks and for a small doll it takes one week or one day depending how in depth the designs are. Rocio Castro was telling us that the reason why it takes so long is because she makes the doll dresses from the exact material and color as the quinceañera’s dress, and it depends if she needs to add in small details like glitter, diamonds, special ribbon patterns, etc.¨

The dresses and hair styles are all handmade. Castro proudly mentioned,  ¨I make the dresses and do their hair styles myself, to make it look like the party girl,¨ Castro said. The business makes cake top dolls, large dolls that measure 28 inches, normal dolls that measure 11.5 inches, and she has just added a new doll to the market.  She said the new addition doll measures 30 inches.

The most popular colors ordered for dolls is turquoise, hot pink, and baby pink . Castro obtains her fine, delicate fabrics from a Maryland fabric store.

¨ To make a doll that will last a life time, I only use the best materials.¨

Their most requested and popular dolls are the full body and umbrella dolls. They are designed with delicate patterns of sequin, embroidery, weaving or any design you have in mind. You name it, they have it and can do it, you decide exactly what you want. Mis 15 años has a big variety of styles for the dresses, size of the dolls as well as colors.

At Miss 15 Años, they take pride in their work and their products.

Rocio Castro, guarantees that you will not find another doll that is the same.


Miss 15 Años is conveniently located at 6415 Edsall Rd. Alexandria, Va. 22312, give them a ring (703) 354-3780.

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