Summer is the ideal season to try something new, and food is not the exception. So, how about starting with a few delicious, 100% vegetarian Latin recipes?  You will not believe how tasty they are!  Try them and you will discover the Latin flavor’s magic touch, which may surprise you.



For breakfast, try a typical Costa Rican meal based on rice and beans.



For lunch, a traditional Spanish potato tortilla would be perfect as a main course with a side dish of cooked veggies.


And if you would like a nice vegetable stew, try Chilean carbonada or a Mexican casserole  of vegetables. Just substitute the meat or chicken stew for a good tomato or veggie stew!


Or try a delicious congrí (typical dish: rice and black beans) meal  100% Cuban.



If you would like to get away from the traditional vegetables dish, then try mushrooms with wine zucchinis or pumpkins filled with spinach.




And for a delicious cake, try tasty cinnamon pancakes  Yummy!


And if you do not want to search for any more recipes, here is the link to a menu  already prepared just for you. Surprise your guests on a special occasion!

Now you have no pretexts not to include a vegetarian dish in your diet.  And it is a great opportunity to taste different cultural dishes.

Which tasty dish will you choose? Tell us on Facebook or comment below. We would love to know!